Our Mission

To empower our clients through leveraging technology with out of the box solutions for superior IT management and elite customer service. We provide proactive solutions so our clients can focus on their business’ growth and success.

Our Vision

To ensure Divergent IT supports the best interest of our clients, employees, partners, and communities. We are passionate in providing those who work with us and for us with an environment in which they can grow and thrive through their work.

"Doing the right thing, is always the right thing."


We continually improve and optimize processes to streamline (your) technology.


We provide the highest level of customer service for Information Technology.


We have 23+ years’ experience in Information Technology. We deliver results.

Our Founders

Matthew Galimi

Nancy Galimi





Proactive solutions that empower you and your business

With a plan for your business technology, you’ll be able to work from anywhere securely, reduce downtime, and centralize management.

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